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Collaborative solutions for data centre heat reuse


Energy efficiency is perhaps the single biggest challenge facing the data centre industry currently.

Data centre heat reuse is not a novel idea, and there are good examples of how it can deliver mutually beneficial outcomes for the data centre operator, the heat network operator, the local community, and the environment.

It is an idea whose time has come, but it isn't without its challenges.

The regulatory environment in the UK is tightening fast, with growing expectations that heat reuse will become a requirement within a few years.

Our experience in this field coupled with our proven innovative approach accelerates your journey to a successful future of heat reuse.

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Multi-disciplinary, cross-sectoral

Our team has a proven track record of bringing private and public sector together to deliver outcomes that generate real added value for all parties.

In 2009 we created INCA – the Independent Networks Cooperative Association – to support the development of a fully competitive digital infrastructure market, enabling today's £25bn+ 'altnet' sector, which has driven the UK fibre rollout.

We were instrumental in the development of Cooperative Network Infrastructure which brings together public and private sector organisations to create and share new digital infrastructure in Tameside, Blackpool, Manchester and Sussex.

In recent years we've been focussing on sustainability, building on the insights generated through these previous achievements and others like them to establish new projects driven by cooperative circular economy thinking, about we can effectively exploit heat reuse. With rising demand for edge compute the opportunity is clear.

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Success in this field is built on genuine collaboration. Our unique approach - taking the ideas and principles developed over many decades by highly successful cooperative enterprises and applying them to some of the big challenges we face in today's technology driven context – creates a space where real collaboration can flourish, enabling innovation, accelerated programme development, and clear business benefits for everyone involved.

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What other people are saying about data centre heat reuse

Residual heat energy reuse isn't just efficient from a circular energy perspective — where appropriate, it's a way for data centres to give back to the communities where they operate, creating a sustainable cycle of energy and goodwill. As the backbone of our digital economy, data centres have the potential to play a crucial role in securing a greener future for all.

- Dave Smith, Director of Sustainability and Operational Risk at Digital Realty

Although certain details are pending refinement, the clear indication is that the Government might soon possess powers to require data centres to connect to heat networks. As different initiatives unfold, we expect regulation to be enshrined in law in 2025.

- Luisa Cardani, Head of techUK's Data Centre programme, in their Feb 2024 whitepaper on data centre heat networks

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